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Welcome to Dre's Island Flava, we serve only the BEST quality food, using FRESH ingredients and spices without MSG.

Our website is exclusively for drop-off orders, but we also offer a catering service with a HANDCRAFTED menu of our FAVORITE Island Cuisine dishes like jerk chicken, brown stew chicken, curry chicken, and jerk shrimp pasta.

Come and experience the FLAVA! Your taste buds have been missing Dre's Island Flava… The Home of THE BEST Island Cuisine in Orlando!

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  • $70 / $135


    • SMALL - $70
    • LARGE - $135

    Tender & juicy grilled boneless chicken breast flavor-filled with Jamaica’s finest jerk seasoning tossed in bowtie pasta & sauteed in a creamy Alfredo Sauce with zuchinni, onions, & mixed peppers

  • $80 / $135


    • SMALL (8-10ppl) - $80
    • LARGE (20-22ppl) - $135

    Spicy grilled chicken marinated in signature jerk sauce

  • $60 / $90


    • SMALL - $60
    • LARGE - $90

    Rice with a bang…mixed vegetables, corn, mixed peppers, onion, seasme & olive oil with stir fry sauce. Get ready for your taste buds to explode with this delicious jerk flavor!

  • $100



    The Jamaican National Dish. The Ackee fruit sautéed with the delicious Jamaican medley of seasonings & salted cod fish. Just like being in Jamaica.

  • $40 / $70


    • SMALL - $40
    • LARGE - $70

    This sweet tasting Island Sweet Fried Festival dumpling is crispy on the outside & soft & fluffy on the inside. It is deliciously made to eat whenever with whatever you like!

  • $60 / $95


    • SMALL - $60
    • LARGE - $95

    These roasted cubed potatoes are seasoned to perfection with DIF Signature Seasoning & are very flavorful. Your tastebuds will dance!

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About Chef Andre

Chef Andre came from humble beginnings. Being raised in a small town in Jamaica, by a single working mother. As a young boy, he spent countless hours in his grandmother’s kitchen watching her cook savory Jamaican dishes for the family to enjoy.
His grandmother would have him help her with chores around the kitchen and would show him how to make some of her family’s favorites. He soon developed a love for playing around with the spices used in marinating various foods.

He was inspired by how food told a story, conveyed love, brought people together, and the reactions that “flava” had on people as they ate. He knew then that he wanted to create Caribbean inspired “flava” in his dishes to get those same loving reactions that his grandmother received when she cooked.

The skills taught by his dear grandmother paved the way for him to manifest his dream as the Owner & Executive Chef of Dre’s Island Flava. Chef Andre, creates his own recipes and dishes, has the final culinary influence over his menus, which fuses the Jamaican cooking of his youth with Caribbean “flava” bringing a melting pot of cultural cuisines for all ethnic backgrounds to enjoy.

When he’s not preparing cuisines; he enjoys spending time with his two beautiful daughters.

Every dish Chef Andre creates is nourishing, delicious, and feeds the mind, body, and soul. “flava”! Is what we do.

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